The Dot Film Company has been producing award winning short and feature length films since 2003. 

In 2006, The Dot Film Company completed its debut feature film THINGS TO DO. After a successful screening at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival, the film was secured for Canadian distribution by Mongrel Media. In late August 2006, Lifesize Entertainment/KOCH secured the film for U.S. and International territories. The film was theatrically released in select U.S. cities in January 2007 and later released on DVD, VOD and Pay-Cable outlets, in Australia, UK and the USA.The Dot Film Co’s most notable creation to date is the revenge-comedy “The Birder” starring Tom Cavanagh (The Flash, Ed, Scrubs), Mark Rendall (30 Days of Night, Charlie Bartlett), Fred Willard (Best In Show) and Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves, The Green Mile). Written by Theodore Bezaire (Things To Do) and Mike Stasko (Iodine, Boys vs. Girls) and Directed by Bezaire the comedy is about a mild mannered birder who plots revenge against a younger rival, after losing the highly coveted Head of Ornithology position at the National Park. Prior to The Birder The Dot Film Co. produced its second feature film IODINE, written and directed by Mike Stasko. Starring Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Good Night, and Good Luck, Reaper). Distributed by Anchor Bay/Starz Entertainment. The film received it’s World Premiere at Montreal’s World Film Festival in August 2009 and later won a Silver Remi For Best First Feature Film from WorldFest Houston.

The Dot Film Co. executive produced Boys Vs. Girls starring Colin Mochrie (Who’s Line Is It Anyway), Kevin MacDonald (Kids In The Hall) and Nia Roam (Random Acts of Violence) prior to producing Boys vs Girls, The Dot Film Co. produced The Control starring Mike Stasko (Iodine, Things To Do), Sharon Belle (Suits and Fuck Buddies). The Dot Film Co is currently in development on Vampire Zombies…From Space!! and the award winning feature comedy script My Canadian Son about an aging actor looking to reconnect with a son he fathered through sperm donation.