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– THE BIRDER wraps production - check out some of out local media and press.

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– THE BIRDER begins production, with cast Tom Cavanagh, Mark Rendall, Cassidy Renee, Jamie Spilchuk, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Allana Harkin, Scott Cavalheiro, with Graham Greene, and Fred Willard.

– TOMMY accepted into the the Atlantic Film Festivals Viewfinders Film Festival for Youth. This is will be the second film festival appearance for TOMMY.

– TOMMY a film shot in the summer of 2011 has been accepted to The Toronto International Film Festival's Kids program. Written and Directed by Theodore Bezaire, TOMMY will have its World Premiere at TIFF Kids. This is Theodore's second film to play at the festival, his last film PRIS won the first ever Audience Choice Award at was then called Sprockets.

– The Dot Film Company completes production on a new short film entitled LITTLE BROTHER, starring Natalie Brown (Sophie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), Stephen McHattie (Pontypool, Watchmen) and Navid Negahban (Homeland, 24). The film also marks the Directorial debuts of Gautam Pinto and Cyrus Saidi accomplished in their professional fields as creative contributors in the entertainment industry, Gauatm and Cyrus bring a methodical and fresh perspective to The Dot Film Company's latest short film. Shot in two days on the RED Epic camera in late December the film will be completed and ready for festival submissions in late February. The film was photographed by Rion Gonzales, Designed by Nazgol Goshtasbpour and Edited by Gautam Pinto.

– The Dot Film Company secures development funding from Telefilm Canada for Theodore Bezaire’s comedy feature film MY CANADIAN SON; a cross border comedy about a self-absorbed, has-been 80’s actor from Hollywood who struggles to bond with his straight-laced Canadian Son in an attempt to win the role in a film that promises to propel his comeback to fame.

– The Dot Film Company begins and completes production on the film TOMMY. A great shoot made with the support of a great crew. Delivery is expected sometime in October 2011, the film will be submitted to Festivals in North America.

– The Dot Film Company secures funding from Bravo!FACT to shoot Theodore Bezaire’s short film TOMMY, a film about a boy dealing with the loss of his pet. Set for production in July 2011 the film will be shot in Caledon, Ontario and will star Jim Annan (Second City Alum) and Eden Gladstone a newcomer with loads of potential. The film is written and to be Directed by Theodore Bezaire, it will be shot by Toronto based DP Samy Inayeh.

– The Dot Film Company begins production on a Stereoscopic 3D Short film entitled BOXED, starring Marty Adams (Second City Alumni) for Bravo!FACT. Dylan Macleod CSC will shoot the film; DJ Woods is providing the 3D equipment and post-production facility 3Reedom. The film is written and Directed by Jeff Penttila, a long time Dot Film Company associate and collaborator. The film is about a young man Boxed into his circumstances forcing him to miss the important things in life.

: The Dot Film Company is making plans to shoot it's third feature film formerly known as THE ORNITHOLOGY OF RON SPENCER, now with the working Title THE BIRDER in Spring/Summer 2011.

: Things To Do airs on Canada's Sundance Channel. Thank you to Mongrel Media!

: Anchor Bay/Starz Media are releasing Iodine in Wal-Mart, HMV, Best Buy today! Also to be made available on ITunes in the near future.

: The Dot Film Company and Whitewater Releasing set up a theatrical release that will screen Iodine in Windsor, Toronto, Parry Sound and Barrie over a two week period. See Toronto Press Release. (attached).

: Iodine, scores at World-Fest Houston winning a Silver Remi Award in the Best First Feature Film category.

: Iodine, Mike Stasko's directorial debut feature has been invited to make its World Premiere at Montreal's World Film Festival (August 27th to Sept 7th). The film stars Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), Mike Stasko, Vicki Rivard and is the acting debut for singer-songwriter Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene). The film will be showcased in the Focus on World Section.

: The Dot Film Co. participates in the International Finance Forum supported by OMDC as an emerging producer.

05.26.08: The Dot Film Company wraps principal photography on second feature film Iodine starring Ray Wise.
Cameras rolled for 15 days on Coulter Island on the South Magnetewan River, a half hour north of Parry Sound Ontario. The film stars Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Reaper) and Mike Stasko (Things To Do), and is the acting debut for singer-songwriter Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene). Iodine is the directorial debut for Mike Stasko, who also wrote the film.

08.29.07: Award winning film Pria screened on Sundance Channel Pria screened on The Sundance Channel in the United States as part of the NBC Comedy Short Cuts. Dates it aired on were: Tuesday October 2 @ 7PM & 1:30AM and Wednesday October 3 @ 5:30PM & 11:30PM.

05.20.07: Things To Do aired on the The Movie Network - Canada.

05.08.07: U.S. DVD release of Things To Do. Things To Do will be available in the U.S. at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Netflix and most other online retailers. This version will have some great extra features which include an audio commentary, behind the scenes featurette, theatrical trailer, and the entire "Carlisle Show" segment.

04.21.07: Things To Do screened at the Emagine Theatre in Novi, Michigan and Theodore Bezaire (Co-writer/Director), Mike Stasko (Co-Writer/Lead Actor), and Gerry Lattmann (Producer) were present to speak about the film afterwards.

04.07.07: Things To Do screened at the Maryland Theatre in Maryland, Michigan.

03.26.07: Telefilm Canada / The Ornithology of Ron Spencer (Press Release).
Off the heels of Things To Do and its many triumphs, The Dot Film Company Inc. has received development funding from Telefilm Canada for Theodore Bezaire's & Mike Stasko's second feature film concept. Currently entitled The Ornithology of Ron Spencer, this is the second comedic feature film from the duo. The film will be packed with comedy and deadpan hijinx, something the pair are becoming known for. Produced by Gerry Lattman.

01.12.07: Things To Do opens at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago IL & and at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland OR.

11.23.06: Things To Do screens at the Stockholm International Film Festival.

10.04.06: Pria wins the Audience Choice Award at the NBC Universal Comedy Short Cuts Festival in Los Angeles.

05.13.06: Things To Do available at BLOCKBUSTER in Canada! It is part of "The Festival Collection" put together by Mongrel Media.

05.01.06: Pria Wins at Sprockets! We are excited to announce that our short film Pria won the audience choice award at The Sprockets International Film Festival (TIFF). You can read an article about it in Variety here.

01.09.06: The Dot Film company announces that publicity for the Slamdance Film Festival will be provided by Sacks & Co - Founded by Carla Sacks in the summer of 1994, Sacks & Co. manages the public image of major and debuting artists, musicians, authors, theatre companies, comedians and filmmakers, among others as well as record labels, arts presenters, and others in the music and arts industries.

12.17.05: Toronto Sun, Liz Braun mentions The Dot Film Company and their appearance at Slamdance 2006 with the feature film Things To Do.

12.06.05: The Dot Film company announces its debut feature film Things To Do will be competing as one of 11 participants selected from just under 1000 films for the Narrative Feature Film competition at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Things To Do is the only Canadian feature film selected from this group.

10.27.05: The Dot Film Company receives mention in Playback magazine.

08.13.05: Principal photography wrapped today on the feature film Things To Do. The entire city of Windsor is to be thanked for their tireless effort to make this film possible. "Everything from catering, to photocopies to police services were provided by this great city..... we are truly thankful for the assistance we received and hope to come back soon to shoot another film" says Producer Gerry Lattmann.

07.18.05: Principal photography began on the feature film Things To Do. The schedule was locked in for 21 shoot days over a four week period. The entire film will be shot on location in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Over 20 crewmembers, 20 cast members and 30 locations will be used during the making of this film.

05.02.05: The Dot Film Company was awarded the Platinum Remi Award for the short film Pria at WorldFest Houston, placing first overall in their category of Short Romantic Comedy.

10.21.04: The Dot Film Company announces plans to privately finance a feature film entitled Things To Do. The script is to be written by Theodore Bezaire and Mike Stasko. The film is slated to begin principal photography in the July 2005. The film will be directed by Theodore Bezaire and produced Gerry Lattmann.

film awards

April 2010: Iodine scores at World-Fest Houston winning a Silver Remi Award in the Best First Feature Film category.

Sept 2009: Iodine debuts at the Montréal World Film Fest.

May 2008: Iodine wraps!

August 2007: Pria screens on the Sundance Channel.

May 2007: U.S. DVD release of Things To Do.

March 2007: The Ornithology of Ron Spencer receives development funding from Telefilm Canada.

May 2006: Pria wins at Sprockets!

March 2006: Things To Do released at Blockbuster in Canada.

May 2006: Pria wins at WorldFest Houston for Short Romantic Comedy.